Having a Sea Change
after surviving 4-years
Andrew Bolt + NewsCorp litigation
Why AndrewBoltParty.com ??

Well, I was a Party in litigation against Andrew Bolt (and NewsCorp) which ran for 4 long years from 2012 to 2015.

Like all wars, it started with a grievance.  I accused Andrew Bolt of lying to the Australian Press Council when he responded to a complaint I had made.

Things snowballed into a Supreme Court of Victoria defamation writ and then the other side were determined to fight trench warfare with a bunch of court appearances in what became increasingly complicated legal issues.

I was self-represented against the NewsCorp litigation machine through the whole ordeal.

15 December 2015

Good news! My litigation with Andrew Bolt and the Herald Sun settled after a 4-year battle.


They spend over $1 million; I spend about $1,000.


Perhaps the recent 55 person redundancy purge at NewsCorp motivated the top-tier senior management to stop spending further $100,000s on the ongoing appeals to the 2 December 2014 trial decision, and also further satellite litigation against the Herald Sun coverage of the October 2014 trial.


With my appeals on foot, thankfully I always effectively had a bankruptcy shield in place against the $500,000 costs ordered by the trial judge Justice Terry Forrest on 2 December 2014.


Like I say, I only spent about $1,000 – that's $1 or so for every $1,000 by the other side.   NewCorp could have saved much coin to avoid journalist redundancies if they had agreed to simply walk away which I first offered in September 2013 (yes, over 2 years ago).


Am I relieved?  Well, I'm pleased that I survived the NewCorp litigation machine.  And it only took 4 years in the trenches; about $1,000 and plenty of fighting spirit.


Thankyou to all my supporters.


David C. Barrow
(Bolt Tackler)


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