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Bounty Hunter (me) rewarded for 5 Disqualified Politicians
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High Court of Australia proceeding
M140/2017 David Charles Barrow v Malcolm Roberts, Fiona Nash, Nick Xenophon, Matthew Canavan, Barnaby Joyce, Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters

27 October 2017: High Court JUDGMENT

5 Members of Parliament were incapable of being elected by reason of having dual citizenship.

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts disqualified.

Greens Larissa Waters and Scott Ludlam resigned with integrity from the Senate in July... and then doubled-down with more integrity on 9th October by consenting to judgment against them and payment of My Penalty Writ.   Story of their integrity at LINK.

Nationals Politicians Barnaby Joyce and Fiona Nash disqualified.  Did not serve my Writ of Summons. I will leave them to some other bounty hunter.

Senator Matthew Canavan is and was capable of being chosen and sitting in the Senate.  I had discontinued my claim against him on 24 October 2017.

Senator Nick Xenophon is and was capable of being chosen and sitting in the Senate... but is resigning to contest the State Election in South Australia.  See LINK

On 27 September 2017, I sued 6 current and former Senators and Mr Barnaby Joyce MP under the Common Informers (Parliamentary Disqualifications) Act 1975 (Cth).

This provides a bounty for citizens ‘hunting down’ any Parliamentarian who has sat when disqualified.

$200 is paid for proving the Parliamentarian is caught out during the 12 months before being served with a lawsuit; and $200 is paid for every subsequent day on which he or she sat.

Any penalties I receive and personal tax benefit, I will donate to the The Fred Hollows Foundation:

“We see a world in which no person is needlessly blind and Indigenous Australians exercise their right to good health.”

I will donate politician penalties to The Fred Hollows Foundation to end avoidable blindness

Penalties have stacked up since I issued the Writ on 27 September 2017:

Yes, I slipped in Former Senator Culleton (formerly of One Nation) who was disqualified on 3 February 2017.

Public Statement PDF (click)

SEE ALSO (click): My Reasonable Steps to renounce Dual Citizenship last year

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