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Unlikely SENATOR for Aust.Cap.Terr.

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I was a self-represented 
PARTY in litigation against ANDREW BOLT which ran for 4 long years.



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Roads to Warringah
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Problems with a Plebiscite (Poll):

  1. It may not be compulsory. And people who show up to vote may not represent all Australians.

  2. It's not binding. Some politicians have already said they will not follow it.

  3. It's costly. Over $160m to run.

  4. Let politicians do their job. Like they did with women voting, ending capital punishment, and no-fault divorce.

Federal Trade Minister Andrew Robb is a prominent Liberal MP silent on his views about Marriage Equality.

So back in Feb 2016, I thought I would run against him in the safe Victorian Liberal seat of Goldstein for the 2016 federal election.


My single-issue: Marriage Equality to see if I could flush Andrew Robb out to take a stance.





With Andrew Robb not seeking re-election, I then considered running against hard right wing Liberal MP Kevin Andrews (a Marriage Equality hater) in the Victorian seat of Menzies.


But the vibe was that Melb City Councillor and activist Stephen Mayne would run against him as an Independent.


Kevin Andrews also does not have wide household recognition – but former Prime Minister Tony Abbott does.


Would you believe I've got a fear of harbours and the Warringah electorate is (sort of) harbouring Tony Abbott?




These have been my ROADS TO WARRINGAH – even though I am a FLY-in-FLY-out candidate from Melbourne who has crossed a harbour by FERRY to take the fight to Tony Abbott on MARRIAGE EQUALITY!!



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