DAVID BARROW - Independent
FORMER Candidate for Nomination
ALL FIVE Byelections - 28 July 2018

Why AndrewBoltParty.com ??
I was a self-represented 
PARTY in litigation against ANDREW BOLT which ran for 4 long years.

Update on Byelections

6 July 2018 – Candidate Nominations declared!

Alas, I was in the Arena for a short whiles but fell just 100 nominations short in each electorate to contest any of the 28 July 2018 Byelections.

Sending LETTER to British Home Secretary Sajid Javid and Shadow Home Secretary Dianne Abbott.

Canvasses a 'workaround' to enable continuity of British-Australian citizenship for unsuccessful federal election candidates.

And indirectly ease some of the impediment against participation in the democratic process when Australians elect our representative government.

Update on Byelections

5 July 2018 – Midday – Candidate Nominations closed

Fell just 100 nominations short to run in one (only) of the 28 July 2018 Byelections.

Enjoyed following Nominations to be a Candidate:

NIL  Longman QLD

NIL  Mayo SA

NIL  Braddon TAS

NIL  Fremantle WA

NIL  Perth WA

Sending FRESH LETTER to British Home Office to withdraw application that would have renounced my British citizenship.

Update on Byelections

29 June 2018 – Posted application to renounce British dual citizenship so not ineligible to contest one (only) Byelection

See FULL LETTER to British Home Office

Includes Summary:

o Candidate for Nomination in all five 28 July 2018 Australian federal byelections

o Must renounce British citizenship to be eligible Candidate to Nominate in one (only)

o My prospects of being elected are somewhere between nil and very negligible

o I understand it is totally a matter of discretion for British Home Office as to whether my British renunciation processing will await further information

ANNOUNCING My Candidacy for Nomination in All Five Byelections (simultaneously!) 28 July 2018

Is that Even Allowed?

YES, Candidates can be Nominated by Multiple-Electorates but must only lodge one Nomination Form in the Byelections.

There can be only one!

To Nominate Me:

1. Check where you are enrolled

Check AEC Enrol (click)

2. Provide (Quite Personal) Information:

LONGMAN, Queensland

MAYO, South Australia

BRADDON, Tasmania

FREMANTLE, Western Australia

PERTH, Western Australia

3. Check details against AEC records

Must match exactly (including much hated middle names)

Check AEC Enrol (click)

4. Email Your Signed Nomination to:


Or Mail to: David Barrow 7/152 Peel St, North Melb 3051

Making Australians Australian Again

Many Australians have Unknowingly (and shockingly) ceased to be Australian citizens.

If aged over 34 now, simply obtaining a foreign passport before 1 July 2002 could have lost your Australian citizenship.

And those naturalised in a foreign country after 1948 (other than marriage) actually lost their citizenship rather than gaining dual citizenship.

Perhaps Famous Ex-Pats in the UK Barry Humphries, Clive James, Germaine Greer and Robert Hughes (before passing) are actually Ex-Aussies!

How can this be?

Section 17 of the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 provides:

“An Australian citizen of full age and of full capacity, who, whilst outside Australia and New Guinea, by some voluntary and formal act, other than marriage, acquires the nationality or citizenship of a country other than Australia, shall thereupon cease to be an Australian citizen.”

In 1973, this provision was carried over to the Australian Citizenship Act 1948.

In 1992, section 17 extended to acquire steps whilst inside as well as outside Australia:

“17. (1) A person, being an Australian citizen who has attained the age of 18

years, who does any act or thing:

  (a) the sole or dominant purpose of which; and

  (b) the effect of which;

is to acquire the nationality or citizenship of a foreign country, shall, upon

that acquisition, cease to be an Australian citizen.

  (2) Subsection (1) does not apply in relation to an act of marriage.”

From 1 July 2002, section 17 was finally and sensibly repealed.  But it was not done retrospectively.

Since 1984 there have been fee-paying admin pathways to resume citizenship via section 23AA of the Australian Citizenship Act 1948 and section 29 of the current Australian Citizenship Act 2007.

But there remain many Australians who are simply unaware that by obtaining (what they thought was) dual citizenship prior to 1 July 2002 they actually lost their Australian citizenship.  Is true.

My Election Policy is to Make (these) Australians Australian Again by:

1. No fee to make an application to resume Australian citizenship; and

2. If an application is made, the person shall be, and deemed to have remained, an Australian citizen notwithstanding previous Acts of Parliament which ceased their Australian citizenship.

That is a fair go – restoring continuity of Australian citizenship.

A triumph over Government overreach.

It would also extend to politicians in the current Parliament aged over 34 who lost their Australian citizenship if they first acquired foreign nationality or citizenship prior to 1 July 2002 (other than by birth or marriage).

Section 163(1)(b) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 prescribes that a qualification for nomination is a politician must be an Australian citizen.

It is quite possible there have been, and still are, federal politicians ineligible to be elected due to not being an Australian citizen at the time of nomination.

As for What it Means to be an Australian

The 18 April 2018 National Press Club speech of Richard Flanagan is Worth A Read and Listen To.

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